Product Review: Rock Oil SOC degreaser

Rock Oil SOC degreaser, £4.80 (400ml)

Time tested: Three years

What’s good? This is the stuff I rely on for getting rid of all the oily, greasy muck that accumulates on my bike. Often, just using a regular detergent designed for bikes you end up smearing all that oil and grease around, especially in areas like the underside of the tailpiece where fling from chain lube can splatter. So prior to washing, I squirt Rock Oil SOC all over my bike’s greasy bits. The kerosene-based solution forms an emulsion on contact and breaks down the grease, allowing it to be simply rinsed away, residue-free. I then follow it up with my regular washing routine for a grease-free finish. It’s also pretty handy for getting old chain lube off your chain. Rock Oil say it’s totally safe for most metal parts, rubbers and painted finishes.

What’s not? The aerosol delivery means you can get through quite a bit of it, although Rock Oil have now released a pump-action, one-litre version.

Quality rating 4/5
Value rating 4/5

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