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Product Review: Laser Fuel Transfer Hose

Laser Fuel Transfer Hose, £15

Time tested: Six months

What’s good? Anyone who has ever tried to siphon fuel by sucking on a length of hose (do your own jokes) will know that it leaves a rather unpleasant taste in your mouth – even if you don’t get a mouthful of petrol. Anything that removes the misery of that has to be worth considering, and I’ve found this Laser Fuel Transfer Hose to be perfect for use with motorcycles. The 1.9 metres of flexible clear hose means you can feed it all the way to the bottom of your tank, and easily position the other end into whatever receptacle you’re decanting to. Located halfway along the hose is the transfer pump, which requires just a few pumps to draw fluid past the one-way valve, commencing the flow. Once fluid is flowing, you don’t need to do any more pumping, and you can stop it at any time by simply retracting the feed hose from the tank.

What’s not? Nothing, so far. Arguably it’s a fairly pricey solution, but if it lasts a lifetime, I’ll happily hand over £15 to never swallow fuel again.


Quality rating: 4/5
Value rating: 3/5

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