Product Review: Knox Dry Inside base layer

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Knox Dry Inside base layer, £39.99

Time used: Three years/3500 miles

What’s good? It’s a base layer that works under leathers or textiles to stop the build-up of perspiration next to your skin. There’s nothing unusual about its ability to do that, and base layers are getting cheaper all the time, but this one is made from a mixture of cotton and elastane so it is softer on the skin than many base layers, and is also not so tight-fitting, which appeals to someone whose only six-pack is one that’s been poured into a bladder and tied around his middle. It’s comfortable, effective and not as embarrassing to be seen in as most technical underwear, which makes it perfect for road riding.

What’s not? The slightly looser fit isn’t perfect for track riding, so those doing frequent days on circuit may want the tighter fit of a compression-style base layer.


Quality rating: 4/5 Value rating: 3/5

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Tony Hoare

By Tony Hoare

Former MCN Consumer Editor