Product Review: WD40 Specialist Motorbike Total Wash

WD40 Specialist Motorbike Total Wash £8.50 (one litre)

Tester: Simon Relph

Time tested: Two months

What’s good? With so many bike cleaners on the market I am always up for trying something new, as you never know if this might be the ‘must-have No1 cleaner’ that you could not live without. Turns out it’s not a miracle worker, just a very competent cleaner as I would expect from a household name such as WD40. It’s water-based and biodegradable, so it’s easy enough to wash off with no pungent lingering smells like some cleaners. I used it on my old BMW R100R and it worked well on the mainly aluminium engine. There was no streaking or discolouration, as can happen if a cleaner is too strong. It’s safe on most surfaces, so ideal for washing away winter crud. A lot of cleaners I have used go on when the bike is dry, agitated a bit and then washed off, where as this one goes on when the bike wet.

What’s not? Nothing as yet.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 3/5