Product Review: Battery Pack EPS-K23 (£59.99)

What’s good about Battery Pack EPS-K23?

The idea. I love it. This slimline little auxiliary battery unit can pack enough punch to jump-start your bike, as well as power your phone (or any other device that can connect to any of the included adapters, including iPhones and mini and micro USB). There’s an LED torch, too, so you can see what you’re attaching it to, which is handy when you’re trying to jump-start your bike in the dark. You can charge it from the mains, or a 12v socket on your bike (or car), and it’s small enough to carry with ease. For our increasingly battery-powered lives it could be the perfect accompaniment. I say ‘could be’, because in my experience it just doesn’t work.

And what’s not?

This is the second one of these units I’ve had, and – just like the first one – this one died without warning, before it’d done any real work. I put the first one down to bad luck, but two in row starts to look like a pattern. And this is a product that has to be unshakeable, otherwise it’s worthless. The whole point is that it’ll bail you out of trouble, and it can’t do that if it’s given up the ghost. In both instances I charged it up, tested it charging an iPhone and a GoPro, left it for a few weeks, tested it again, then charged it up ready for a trip away. Then, on the eve of departure, I found it was lifeless and unresponsive. So disappointing.

Time tested

Three months


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