Product Review: Polar Buff (£25)

What’s good about the Polar Buff?

There's little worse than draughts when riding in colder weather. The Polar Buff has been a great addition to my winter riding wardrobe and combats this problem. It's made of two very different materials, a combination of thin polyester and snuggly Polartec fleece. The fleecy bit sits at the neck and tucks easily into the collar of any jacket I wear, while the seamless polyester section is thin enough to wear under my helmet in a balaclava fashion. It regularly gets thrown in the washing machine for a freshen up and hasn't made a difference to the thickness of the fleece.

And what’s not?

It is a little bit pricey but considering the length of time I've owned it and the miles covered it's actually not that bad value for money.

Time tested

Eight years/5000 miles


Quality rating


Value rating