Product Review: SDoc100 Helmet & Visor Kit (£13)

What’s good about the SDoc100 Helmet & Visor Kit?

There aren’t many things I carry everywhere with me when I’m riding, but this little spray bottle of helmet and visor cleaner, and the microfibre cloth that comes with it, is always in my rucksack. I’m on my third kit in the last five years, and – like the rest of the SDoc range – I’m delighted to say it does exactly what it says on the, er, bottle. However horrendous the bug splatting has been at the peak of summer, and regardless of the incessant salt spray of deepest winter, a few squirts of the magic potion on my visor, followed by a careful wipe and buff with the lint-free cloth, and I’ve got an immaculate view again. It’s a dramatically better solution than plain water and a scratchy paper towel at the services. You can also safely clean headlights, mirrors, screens or your whole lid, if you want to. Scratched visors are an expensive mistake, and an immaculately clean one is one of life’s undervalued little pleasures. Buy some.

And what’s not?

You could claim the price is a bit salty (even if your visor isn’t), but I’d argue that protecting your £35-£85 visor by ensuring you always have the means to clean it properly is well worth £13.

Time tested

Five years


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