Product Review: Gear Gremlin Fury lock and chain

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Gear Gremlin Fury lock and chain, £109.99

Tested by: Andy Calton

Time tested: Two years

What’s good? This is a big, chunky chain that looks like it means business the minute you click the padlock in place. The cover works well and protects paintwork from the chain itself. It’s long enough to get through the biggest of bike wheels and gives plenty of opportunity to thread it through ground anchors or around a post. I’ve had it over two years and it’s been left outside for most of that time and has shown no signs of rust or wear. The lock is still smooth and glitch-free.

What’s not? It’s a tad expensive, but it compares to other top-brand locks of this weight. Because it’s so heavy, taking it anywhere can be a little difficult, although I tend to wind it around the top of a bag’s handles and then thread bungee straps through it to keep it held down. Its own weight is as good as anything at keeping it in place, but you wouldn’t want to carry it around in a rucksack – it’s too bulky.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 4/5


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Andy Calton

By Andy Calton

Content director, motorcycling, and Suzuki Katana rider