Product Review: Midland XTC400 HD action camera

Midland XTC400 HD action camera with wi-fi, £259.99

Time tested: Four months 

What’s good? This is my first action camera, so my technical bar is well below sea level. I was looking for idiot-proof usability and a case tough enough to survive the inevitable 130mph bounce along a racetrack. I got both. I downloaded the free Midland wi-fi app that allows me to control and see the camera view from an iPad/iPhone and had no problems using it. Streaming to the telly or downloading to my laptop are easy too. The picture quality is very good. Finally, I’m in the game.

What’s not? Its bulky and heavy compared to the cameras used by MCN’s video pros. I’ve tried the Midland suction mount and stick-on mounts and they all eventually fall off unless gaffa taped to the bike.


Quality rating: 3/5

Value rating: 4/5