Product Review: Power Commander V

Dynojet Power Commander V, £334.98 plus dyno time

Mileage tested: 1820 miles

What’s good? When I bought my 2010 BMW HP2 Sport I anticipated a full-fat big-twin experience. Trouble is the bike leaves the factory with the fuelling set-up that’s miserably lean, giving the throttle a petrol-starved spiky response, particularly on part throttle. Dynojet UK slotted a tiny Power Commander V module into a recess in the back of the bike’s tank and, 54 miles of dyno time later, found an extra three horsepower at peak and, far more importantly to me, installed the creamy midrange I’d originally hoped for. Effectively the Power Commander finished the job the factory, hamstrung by emissions regulations, couldn’t do.

What’s not? Dyno runs are hard to watch when it’s your own air-cooled engine getting the treatment. Fuel consumption has gone up a little (the tank range was 125 miles, but it’s now around 110) and I need at some point to tidy and sleeve the new and exposed wiring to the injectors.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 4/5