Product Review: Dremel 8050-Micro Cordless

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Dremel 8050-Micro cordless, £105.97

Tester: Simon Relph

Time tested: 11 months

What’s good? Everyone’s toolbox contains certain tools we just can’t do without  - the ones that become extensions of our hands. I didn’t know the Dremel 8050 Micro was going to become such a tool until I got one. It’s smaller than the Dremel 8200 cordless and a third of the weight but still boasts 8-volt power. I rarely run it at full speed as whatever you are cutting, grinding or drilling will disappear very quickly indeed. I have recently been using it to clean out the ports on a Triumph inlet manifold. I wanted to lose any unnecessary material so the gases flow smoothly from the carburettor through the manifold and into the cylinder head. This job is normally a real chore, but with the aid of the 8050-Micro it’s an absolute joy. The best improvement over the 8200 is the addition of a front-end LED light to help you see the thing you’re working on, especially when the job is small and intricate. Another nice touch is an LED ‘fuel’ gauge to help you know when the inevitable is about to happen. This really is an impressive and controllable little tool, a definite must.

What’s not? Having to recharge the battery. That said, if you keep an eye on the fuel gauge you can make sure you don’t run out of charge when it really counts.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 4/5

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Simon Relph

By Simon Relph

Senior Designer, also known as 'Power Wolf'