Product Review: Cruz Tools Econokit M1

Product Review: Cruz Tools Econokit M1 £54.21

Tester Richard Newland

Time tested Five years

What’s good?
Whenever I’m travelling somewhere remote or I’m just away on the bike for a few days, this little folding toolkit comes with me. Standard bike toolkits tend to be comedic these days, so this does a fantastic job of standing in where manufacturers have cut corners. It’s got pretty much everything you need for the most common jobs, like adjusting your chain, removing a fairing panel, tightening something that’s worked loose, nipping up battery terminals, making sat-nav mount adjustments etc. The only time I add to it is if I’m riding a BMW, when a few Torx keys make a lot of sense due to the firm’s love of a star bolt. Can’t say I’ve ever needed the gap gauge or spark plug tool on the move, but everything else has been used more than a few times to keep me rolling in perfect fettle.

What’s not?
One of the great benefits of my kit is the torch, which has sadly now been dropped from the newest version of the kit. It’s easy enough to add your own for a couple of pounds, though. It’s not the cheapest kit you can buy, but the tools have all stood up to use.


Quality rating 4/5

Value rating 4/5