Product Review: Facom ratcheting oil filter wrench

Product Review: Facom ratcheting oil filter wrench £37.20

Tester Richard Newland

Time tested Four years

What’s good?
There are very few times when this neat oil filter wrench can’t access the filter and get the job done. It even gets the job done on old Ducati’s with recessed filters. The simple design features a stainless steel band that’s fed down into the handle, and tensioned/released by turning the red handle base. Once you’re lined up and tensioned, the sprung hinged jaw grips the filter, and you just keep pushing until the filter comes free. The design allows you to turn/release/turn without changing the band tension. Then to nip-up the new one, just turn it over and go again. I’ve used this on all my bikes (and cars), and had no issues whatsoever. It cleans up perfectly, and looks as good as the day I bought it. Great tool, and its universality saves the need for lots of different sized cups cluttering up your toolbox (you never have the right size regardless of your collection).

What’s not?
Nothing so far, operationally. It’s not cheap to buy, but then neither is it a cheap tool in use. If you’re a keen home mechanic, it pays for itself in hassle-free filter changes in no time at all.


Quality Rating 5

Value rating 4