Product Review: Oxford Trip Wire lock

Product Review: Oxford Trip Wire lock £39.99

Tester: Michael Neeves 

Time used: Three months/5000 miles

What’s good?
This lock is perfect for keeping your bike secured when you’re out and about and don’t want to carry a heavy, bulky chain lock. It consists of a 1.6-metre-long, plastic-coated, 15mm thick high tensile steel cable and a hardened steel padlock with a double locking mechanism and high-security key. It’s light and easy to coil up to carry in a rucksack or tankbag. You have to secure the lock with a key, so there’s no danger of snapping it shut in Spain when the key is still at home…

What’s not?
A cable is never going to be as strong as a sturdy chain, so if a thief really wants your pride and joy, they’ll find it easier to cut the cable. But it will put off the opportunist and if it’s in a line of bikes that aren’t locked, yours should be left alone.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 4/5