Experience Review: Black and White Novice Friendly Track Experience

Black and White Novice Friendly Track Experience, £240

Tester: Alison Silcox

Time tested: One day

What's good? Black and White days bring a different approach to how trackdays are run because for the duration of the day you’re not allowed on track without your instructor. Some people might find this a little restrictive but I found it informative and a great way to gain confidence at my own pace. There was no fixed agenda for the day and my instructor tailored the day to suit what I wanted to learn. My day was struck by bad weather but this worked in my favour as it meant rather than the pre-arranged half-hour slots on track the organiser made it an open pit lane. This meant I could ride for a few laps before coming in and being debriefed by the instructor, given some tips and then be able to go straight back out on track and put the advice into practice.

What's not? At £240 it is rather expensive for a day, but I was under instruction throughout the day had the luxury of an open pit lane so track time was not restricted in any way - obviously this wouldn’t be the case if the weather had been better.

Contact: www.blackandwhitebikes.co.uk/track-days

Value rating: 3/5

Quality rating: 5/5

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