Product Review: Osram Night Racer 110 H4 bulbs (£24 for two)

What’s good about Osram Night Racer 110 H4 bulbs?

I fitted one of these bulbs to replace the standard bulb in my Yamaha MT-07 because the bike is in use throughout the winter and I ride on mainly unlit backroads on my 60-mile daily commute. The lighting performance is claimed to be 110% better than standard and while I can’t verify that empirically, I can testify they are very impressive. The spread of light is better, it illuminates a lot further ahead and the light it produces is a lot whiter. The cost is reasonable for two bulbs with such improved performance. You get one of the bulbs inside a miniature crash helmet so you can stash it safely as an emergency replacement.

And what’s not?

I can’t think of a single thing to criticise these upgraded bulbs for. Even fitting was easy because of the design of the MT-07 headlight unit.

Time tested

One year/900 miles


Quality rating


Value rating


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