Product Review: Oxford Aqua T30 Roll Bag (£49.99)

What’s good about the Oxford Aqua T30 Roll Bag?

The bag opens lengthways which makes it really easy to pack. It's marginally more fiddly to fit to the bike than other roll bags I've used as the tail unit has to be removed to strap the bag to it. However, with a combination of this and the webbing straps secured to pillion pegs and numberplate hanger it definitely wasn't going to move. This style of bag does have a tendency of swallowing up smaller bits and pieces, making them difficult to put your hands on so the zipped pockets are a welcome addition.  The sturdy handles make it dead-easy to carry when off the bike.

And what’s not?

I really can't find fault with this bag, it's a great bit of kit.

Time tested

One week/700 miles


Quality rating


Value rating