Product Review: Acerbis bike stand £74.99

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What’s good about the Acerbis bike stand?

Occasionally you stumble across a tool you hope might prove reasonably useful over time but instead becomes an instant, integral and indispensable part of your garage system. Enter this thing, the brilliantly versatile Acerbis bike stand. Ostensibly it’s for propping up my KTM Freeride 250 R off-roader, but most of the time it doubles as a just-the-right-height workshop stool. Its handles become parts trays, those hollow metal inserts transform into holders for screwdrivers and ratchet drivers. It’s a hefty lump of plastic with a firm footprint and indestructible feel, so it has also become a much-used garage step. Turn it upside down, throw in a sponge and some water and it’s a bucket. Awesome. What did I do before this beauty came into my garage?

And what’s not?

At 75 quid it’s not cheap and, judged solely as an off-road bike stand, is relatively bulky and heavy compared to more sophisticated competition. When not in use, which is rare, it’s unstowable and Massively In The Way.

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