Product Review: Teng Tools Soft Face Hammer (£18.94)

What’s good about the Teng Tools Soft Face Hammer?

It’s a hammer! Hammers are inherently good. While you might think they’re all the same, this is the best soft-faced hammer I’ve owned in my 35 years of hitting things. The black end is a rubber face, while the grey end is a relatively soft nylon face that’s solid enough to give a good whack, but not hard like a kneeslider is. It’s not really the ends that make it such a nice thumper though. I’ve got an equally well spec’d Facom hammer that should do an identical job, but I always pick this one up instead because I love the weight of it. The handle is a pleasingly dense rubber grip, and the shaft and head (oh grow up) are steel, which adds a real solidity that is missing in wooden-handled variants. Its inherent weight means you can use the hammer’s own momentum for everything from a light tap to a decent thump, and it’s a pleasure to use. The faces will inevitably wear out over time – depending on use, obviously – but you can buy replacements. It’s Trigger’s broom in hammer form.

And what’s not?

The nylon end is really quite soft, so if you abuse it more than you should, it will start to deteriorate fast – which isn’t really the product’s fault, but is worth being aware of.

Time tested

Eight years


Quality rating


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