Product Review: AGV AGVisor (£149.99)

What’s good about the AGV AGVisor?

It’s as if the future arrived early last summer, bringing a high-tech dark visor that I can switch from dark to clear at the touch of a button, responding almost instantly. No more carrying around a dark or clear visor, depending on the time of day, and no more need for a dropdown internal sun visor that has a habit of misting up even when the outer visor remains clear.

The AGVisor is a normal AGV visor with a thin LCD screen bonded to the inner surface. When it’s switched on the LCD turns black and acts like a tinted visor, then goes clear when switched off. The battery lasts long enough to keep the visor tinted for at least 12 hours and the tint levels are as good as a full race visor. It fits AGV’s Pista GP, Corsa and GT Veloce helmets. With some reservations (below), this is an excellent innovation.

And what’s not?

When I say the visor goes clear when the LCD is off, that’s not exactly true. The extra barrier means less daylight getting through. It’s the same with a normal Pinlock insert, but this does block out slightly more light and I’d liken the AGVisor to a lightly tinted visor when it’s in its ‘clear’ state.

This does compromise its effectiveness in complete darkness, especially on unlit roads. The anti-mist properties aren’t as good as a Pinlock either and these two factors mean there have still been occasions when I was reaching for the standard clear visor to maintain my vision. 

Time tested

Eight months/9000 miles


Quality rating


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