Product Review: Quick-Turn throttle tube, $70 (£44)

What’s good about the Quick-Turn throttle tube?

Featuring a 10% larger cam than standard, this quick action throttle tube has slightly reduced the wrist-angle required to go full throttle on my KTM RC390, without the need for any modifications to the throttle housing. But better than that, as it’s fabricated in America from high-quality aluminium with self-lubricating Delrin bushes at each end, it’s made the throttle feel super-smooth; a vast improvement over the feel from the KTM’s standard, plastic throttle tube.

And what’s not?

The KTM’s standard grip is too baggy to fit on the slimmer G2 throttle tube, meaning you have to factor in the cost for a new pair of grips. As there’s currently no UK importer, you also have to factor in shipping costs from the USA of around £15.

Time tested

One month/500 miles


Quality rating


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