Product Review: Airpro Premium tyre repair kit (£22)

What’s good about the Airpro Premium tyre repair kit?

This is the most expansive tyre repair kit I’ve ever had – and I’ve worked my way through a few different types over the last 23 years of riding. Whether your bike sports tubed, or tubeless, tyres this kit will get you rolling again after all but the most catastrophic punctures. The kit comes with enough patches and plugs to cure a total of 10 punctures (five for each type of tyre). For the average rider, this kit will probably last them a lifetime – but could be the difference between getting home relatively hassle-free, or swallowing an expensive recovery fee. For tubeless tyres, all you need to do is whip out the errant nail/screw etc, clean up the whole with the reamer, hook a plug through the hole, trim off the excess, then inflate the tyre with the supplied Co2 cartridges. Then just check your pressures at a garage or when you’re home. It’s a lot less hassle than calling for a recovery truck. The whole kit comes in its own durable carry case, and you can buy additional Co2 cartridges and patches if you start running low.

And what’s not?

It’s not the smallest pack you can buy (but it is the most exhaustive). If it fits under your pillion seat, then it’s no bother to carry it everywhere. Otherwise, it’s a bit bulky.

Time tested

Four months/3000 miles


Quality rating


Value rating


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