Product Review: Bruhl single-speed air dryer (£88)

What’s good about the Bruhl single-speed air dryer?

Riding all year round means frequent winter washing to keep corrosion at bay so this Bruhl air dryer is a huge bonus as it means I can cut down on the time it takes to keep my bikes clean. The dryer not only blasts out air at 60 metres per second but it can also heat the air too. You can choose not to have the heater on if you wish. Four different nozzles alter the airflow so you can really get into the hidden parts of the bike. Blasting the water out of bike means no water spotting or staining and with the heated air hitting 70°C the bike can be put away almost completely dry. The hose is long enough and stretchy enough to make moving around the bike easy. It’s also great for pulling stupid faces in front of my children, although I’m unsure if this was part of the design brief.

And what’s not?

Spending £88 on a big hairdryer might sound a bit strange but for an all-year rider like me it makes a lot of sense as I can put my bike away completely dry and maintain its value by keeping corrosion under control. The hose can also get a bit hot after prolonged use with the heater on.

Time tested

Four months


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