Product Review: Kawasaki motocross try-out day (£160)

What’s good about the Kawasaki motocross try-out day?

This officially-backed Kawasaki try-out day was the first time my sons Oliver (9) and Joseph (7) had ridden off road on bikes with engines and it was a perfect step-up from small electric bikes. The try-out day provides everything the kids need and the instruction was brilliant. Joseph was a little small for the littlest Kawasaki KX65 so was provided with a smaller Yamaha PW50 which he loved. Despite no previous experience, by lunchtime Oliver was able to change gear, start from a standstill using the clutch and stop without stalling the KX65. Both boys loved it despite the lashing rain and cold temperatures. The instructors showed patience and understanding and all of the children on the day made huge progress. All of the parents agreed on how good the day had been for their children.

And what’s not?

This isn’t a cheap day out at £160 (it’s £100 for a half day) but it’s a cost-effective way of finding out if your kids actually like off-road riding before you spend big on a bike and kit only to find they hate it.

Time tested

Three months/3500 miles


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