Product Review: Oxford Hardcore chain (£79.99)

What’s good about the Oxford Hardcore chain?

The chain is just about long enough to wrap twice around a 200-section rear wheel so as to leave no part of the chain trailing on the floor. The shackle goes quite deep into the body of the padlock, leaving very little of it exposed to whatever tools thieves may try to use. Oxford claim the chain is the UK’s biggest selling chain and padlock and that it’s five-minute attack tested. The padlock is quite large and feels substantial, although luckily no one has tested the toughness of my lock itself.

And what’s not?

After a year of living outside every night it’s looking a little worse for wear. Corrosion has started to appear on the links, and the plating on the shackle has flaked off. Neither of these affect the functionality of the lock, but the locking mechanism itself is starting to stiffen up, so a good bit of jiggling of the key is required to lock or unlock it.

Time tested

One year


Quality rating


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