Product Review: 6t9 Navy Motorbike Wash (£9.69)

What’s good about the 6t9 Navy Motorbike Wash?

This spray wash for motorcycles has been developed in conjunction with former racer and TV pundit James Whitham; himself a serial motorcycle restorer, road and off-road rider. There is an entire range of products to choose from but this road bike wash works extremely well. I used it on a Yamaha MT-09 Tracer over the winter and it helped keep the bike spotless. It works well to break up baked-on winter grime, doesn’t leave any streaks, hasn’t discoloured any engine parts and lasts well too. It’s good value at less than a tenner for a bottle and I got around six heavy-duty bike washes out of it. The spray nozzle even works upside down so you can get the last dregs out of the bottle. It even leaves a nice smell behind!

And what’s not?

I’ve run out of it.

Time tested

Two months


Quality rating


Value rating



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