Product Review: Electrex World RR50 regulator-rectifier (£119.70)

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What’s good about the Electrex World RR50 regulator-rectifier?

Not many miles covered on this particular specimen, but I’ve used a few Electrex World reg-recs in my part-time business building looms for old bikes, and they’ve always worked well. This one is obviously well-made and uses MOSFET electronics (metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor) which is a better system than the Ducati original. It went onto an ST2 cafe racer and instantly regulated at 14.7 volts regardless of rpm, which is ideal. Just as important, the instructions are excellent, explaining ideal mounting and a better way to hook up the volt sense wire (on a switched circuit rather than direct to the battery live) so that the battery isn’t gradually drained. I’ve noticed 1990s Ducati wiring isn’t always consistent from bike to bike. Electrex World have too – they provide a chart on their website to ensure you get exactly the right reg-rec for your bike.

And what’s not?

It costs £120, which is a lot for something you will soon forget about. US-made Ducati reg-recs can be a bit cheaper, and of course there are also Chinese ones which I would politely decline. The bottom line: this device works properly and is highly unlikely to go wrong.

Time tested

One month/12 miles


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Rupert Paul

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