Product Review: Gear Gremlin Fury Lock and chain (£109.99)

What’s good about the Gear Gremlin Fury Lock and chain?

This is a heavy, chunky lock with a very solid feel about it and a good covering too. It’s long enough to weave through a wheel and round a lamppost or similar. It’s lasted well and despite a few signs of wear and tear still works well. This is a 1.2-metre hardened steel chain but it comes in 1.5-metre (£119.99) and 1.8-metre (£129.99) lengths.

And what’s not?

It’s been kept outside the whole time& I’ve used it and there is a little rust now showing on some of the exposed links. One of the pins that holds the protective sleeve in place has rusted and fallen out so the sleeve has slipped down the chain a little and regularly needs pulling into place.

Time tested

Three years


Quality rating


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