Product Review: Mammoth Security lock and chain (£39.99)

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What’s good about the Mammoth Security lock and chain?

You can’t argue with sub-£40 for a decent length chain. There are two bikes in my garage at the moment and at 1.8 metres the Mammoth is easily long enough to fix both machines together – hopefully making them more of a challenge for would-be thieves. I loop the chain through the fork legs on both bikes, which saves having links trailing on the garage floor where they are more vulnerable to attack. The nylon sheath protects the finish on the bikes and also helps the lock work as a visual deterrent if you chain up at the roadside. The padlock itself is plastic-coated, feels hefty and has a cover to prevent muck getting inside the mechanism. Also, you can’t take your keys out while the lock is open – which does help make sure you remember to lock up properly.

And what’s not?

While that 1.8m length is ideal in the garage, it makes the lock awkward to lug around on the bike. There’s nothing in the literature about it being Thatcham-approved, so it won’t help you save cash on your insurance.

Time tested

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Simon Brown

By Simon Brown

MCN Senior Production Editor