Product Review: Oxford Maximiser 3800 (£64.99)

What’s good about the Oxford Maximiser 3800?

Buying new bike batteries has to be the most soul-destroying of all biking purchases, and having ruined more than a few through neglect over the years, investing in a good charger is invaluable. I’ve actually got two of these Maximiser 3800s, which get equal use looking after my five motorbikes, and rarely-used VeeDub camper. I reckon they’ve paid for themselves several times over. Each comes with a weatherproof battery connector lead that you can leave attached to your bike, and crocodile clips for more promiscuous use. The backlit screen lets you see which setting you’re using (car/bike/winter), and once you’ve pressed the button, you simply let it get on with charging your battery to tip-top condition. It’s a fully automated unit, which will cycle through charging, maintaining, and conditioning your battery – all of which stages are declared on the display. Once it’s had its fun it’ll declare your battery to be ‘strong’ or ‘weak’, and has recovered seriously dead batteries on several occasions. It’s the only charger you’ll ever need. The 3800 can still be found online, but has been superseded in Oxford’s current range by the near-identical Oximiser 3X, which retails at £79.99.

And what’s not?

There are plenty of cheaper alternatives available that can do much the same job, but I’m now wary of chargers that don’t display what they’re up to, or tell me how my battery is coping.

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