Product Review: Gear Gremlin FHG-2 heated grips (£57.99)

What’s good about the Gear Gremlin FHG-2 heated grips?

I wasn’t expecting great things from these grips. I’d never heard of the brand before, they looked a bit budget and the £50 price didn’t inspire quality. However I couldn’t have been more wrong and the grips have led me to question why would you buy expensive official heated grips for much more than double the price of these off-the-shelf heated grips. It took under two hours to fit them to my Suzuki GSX-S1000FA long-term test bike, and the hardest part was removing the standard grips and refitting the heated ones. Routing the wiring from the battery was a little awkward as well as I’ve attempted to make the routing as neat as possible, so I had to lift the fuel tank and remove some of the bike’s fiddly bodywork. But once fitted the grips have proven faultless. Hot is hot, not mildly warm like some official accessory heated grips, and riding with them is like gripping a freshly made brew. I can take on 100 miles in a two-hour stint in freezing conditions without any complaints from my hands. There are three settings - high, low and (obviously) off. It’s easy to change the temperature on the move as the adjuster is easy to grasp even in larger winter gloves. For £58 they’ve been my bargain find of the year.

And what’s not?

They’re not classy or very attractive looking - the manual setting adjuster looks like it’s been stolen from my two-year-old son’s toy box. There are only two settings heat settings - low and high – while more expensive grips might have five heat settings. The grips are obviously thicker than the standard items, which some riders have commented on but personally I don’t have an issue with it.

Time tested

Four months/2500 miles


Quality rating


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