Rated: Aldi balaclava

Time used: 2000 miles

What’s good? If you feel the cool, then this is just the job. I always hold off with the extra layers until I really need them. I don’t worry on short runs, but if I’m out for the day then I pop it on.

This product is well made, with different materials making up the various panels. The most exposed, such as the front of the neck and chin, are made of a wind resistant material, helping to keep you warm and snug, where as other panels that have no exposure, are just thin material, basically just there to keep the important panel in place. Elasticated just enough to keep it on, without being uncomfortable, the neck piece is long enough to tuck inside my jacket, eradicating any drafts.

What’s not? A search of Aldi’s website revealed it is discontinued so look out for it being in stock again.

Quality: 3/5
Value: 5/5