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Winter is coming and that usually means that the weather will be wetter than its usual average. Protecting your bike from the elements is one of the biggest concerns for those who park outside and one of the best ways in which to do this is with a protective cover to keep it safe and dry when it’s not being ridden.

It’s also a good way to keep a valuable bike looking less conspicuous to opportunist thieves. People are much less likely to know that there is a gleaming Ducati 959 in the garden if it’s hidden under a cover.

We took at look at some of the most popular covers currently for sale on the MCN Shop...


R&G Superbike cover £45.99

It's got the lot, it works a treat and the price is right. The R&G Superbike cover has ventilation, two straps underneath and slots for a chain lock front and rear. It's waterproof and withstood our heat test. There's elastic all the way round the bottom, which can make a cover tricky to use, but R&G have overcome this by making the elastic easy to stretch, resulting in a cover that's easy to get on and a snug fit while in use. 

Oxford Rainex rain & dust cover £49.99

Just as effective as the R&G cover. and if anything even better equipped. Being elasticated front and back it’s easy to get on and off. It's ventilated, has a belly strap with a snap connector, and not only chain lock slots but also small pockets to hold the lock bodies off the ground. It didn't leak and its soft inner lining didn't melt on to our hot exhaust either.

Oxford Aquatex bike cover £19.99

This is a lightweight, low-priced and highly effective cover that’s easy to put on and take off that has proved to be completely waterproof and heatproof in tests. The Aquatex probably won’t last a lifetime, but it’s convenient to use, will protect your bike and is very well priced.

Bike it premium motorcycle cover £34.99

A heavyweight cover with some decent features, such as chain eyelets front and rear, two vents and a nice soft liner. It's a quick and easy cover to put on, dries quickly and should last a year or two.

MotoGP rain cover £29.95

This is a stylish cover with no outstanding features at a decent price. It has a good-quality branded liner, neat stitching, and goes on and off a bike easily. As a cover to scrunch up and put in your backpack, it should do the job for a year or two.


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