BikeTek top box swallows it all

Time tested: 700 miles/four months

What’s good? I love my top box! There I’ve said it and I feel much better that it’s out in the open. This 48-litre box looks vast perched on the rear of my Honda SH125 but having so much space makes life easy on my daily commute. It swallows up lunch, gym kit and laptop with ease plus, once off the scooter, I can stow my own lid and gloves plus a friend’s.

When loaded it doesn’t impact on the handling of the bike, even after a visit to the local supermarket to top up on vital supplies (wine)! There’s a reflective strip covering a large area, that improves my visibility and it gives me great peace of mind. The lid fits securely and is completely water tight, even in the wettest of winter storms. The locking mechanism is sturdy and it comes with a spare key, just in case. The box is a universal fit and comes complete with all the necessary fitments.

What’s not? I really struggle to find fault with this piece of kit, if I did want to be picky it could do with a little netted section to secure loose items or keep liquids upright.

Price: £49.99


Quality: 4/5
Value: 5/5