Product review: Nitron NTR R3 shock

I tested this Nitron NTR R3 shock (RRP £816) over 18 months, covering around 4000 miles. 

Here's how I got on...

What’s good?

For the cash, very nearly everything. Nitron shocks are high-end items custom-built in the UK, yet when it comes to value for money plus quality they still beat everything else. Nitron’s shock bodies are hard-anodised ally and are available in a variety of levels of complexity and adjustability. Mine has the third out of four levels of adjustability and has adjustable shock length, preload, rebound and high and low-speed compression damping.

I’ve used the shock on both the road and track and it gives a glorious combination of support under load and sublime ride quality – and it does this for less than most rival brands. It’s very,very good. The range of adjustability is great, as is the fact that you get big adjuster knobs which you can turn by hand, a lovely preload spanner and a handbook with a troubleshooting guide to set-up.

What’s not so good?

Nothing has gone wrong – although I have noticed that the preload has backed itself off slightly.

There’s no locking ring or grub screw holding the adjuster and apparently over time they can unwind.


Quality: ★★★★★

Value: ★★★★