Rok Straps: Never struggle with bungees again

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We've all used bungee cords to secure our luggage over they years, and we all know how much of an annoyance they can be at times. Trying with all our might to stretch them that last centimetre before they slip from our grasp and fling back over the bike at approximately 1000mph for the tenth time.

Of course they're also incredibly useful, and have helped many a biker secure precarious mountains of luggage to their bikes over the years. But Staff Writer Andy Davidson has found a successor. The Rok Strap.

Time tested: Three years/50,000 miles
Price: £19 

What’s good? The first time I used a Rok Strap (nearly four years ago), I couldn’t believe I’d been wasting my time with ineffective bungees for so long. Rok Straps are an essential bit of kit. The strap has a hoop at each end: loop them around a solid fixing and clip the two ends together, then adjust the strap to the size of your cargo. Done. They’re strong enough to secure bags up to 40kg. And they won’t scratch your paint or come loose and wobble around. A recent crash in India caused my exhaust to melt one of the straps. Getting a fresh pair was at the top of my list once I got home.

What’s not? They’re £19, tough, durable, adjustable, protect your paintwork and are far more secure than flimsy bungees. There’s nothing negative about them.

Value: 5/5
Quality: 5/5 


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Andy Davidson

By Andy Davidson

Former MCN Feature writer