Product review: Venhill lockwire pliers

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Time tested Six months

Price £19.47

What’s good I first discovered safety wire twister pliers when I was doing some repair work on my 1949 Norton and had to lock wire the non-return valve to the oil tank pipe, since then I have been smitten with this very satisfying tool. It’s very easy to use, just thread the stainless steel wire round or through whatever it is you wish to lock wire. Leaving enough to twist together, pinch the two ends into the pliers, lock into place and then pull the knurled end. This twists the pliers and you keep going until it’s tight then cut off any excess using the built-in sidecutters.

What’s not I felt a bit sad when I ran out of things to lock wire – it’s the best tool in the world!


Quality 5/5
Value 5/5

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Simon Relph

By Simon Relph

Senior Designer, also known as 'Power Wolf'