Product review: XCP Rust Blocker

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Time tested: Six months
Price: £13.99 

What’s good? This great value anti-corrosion treatment is a vital part of my armoury. Rust Blocker works by forming an invisible barrier against corrosion on exposed metal parts, so I use it whenever I’m rebuilding or cleaning bikes. I spray it on to a soft cloth and then wipe the cloth over the parts I want to protect, that way I don’t risk getting too much product on. So far it’s kept all my metal parts corrosion free. It’s great value too, being slightly cheaper than ACF-50.

What’s not? Although cheaper, Rust Blocker doesn’t have the same shine boosting attributes as ACF-50, and because it forms an exterior barrier it can leave parts feeling a bit tacky if you use too much. I also don’t like how it leaves a rust-coloured hue to the metal. There’s no doubting its protection, though, so it’d be perfectly suited for bikes that are used as year round workhorses.


Quality: 4/5
Value: 5/5 


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Bruce Dunn

By Bruce Dunn

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