Product review: Givi 34 litre Top Case and fitting kit

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We look at the good and bad points with Givi's 34 litre top case and fitting kit.

Time tested three years/6500 miles

Price Top Case £67 fitting kit £97 

What’s good? I fitted luggage to the MT-07 I share with my wife so that she could carry a 15in laptop. Since then we agree that it has been trouble free, and incredibly useful. Topboxes never improve a bike’s looks, but they are far better than panniers because they don’t open sideways and you can still filter. As with any topbox it is useless at carrying eggs, goldfish or unexploded munitions. But we’ve loaded it way beyond the recommended 3kg dozens of times with no problem beyond slightly clumsier handing. Givi do several models which all take the same base plate. This one (the 34-litre version) doesn’t affect top speed or stability, even in crosswinds. It’s waterproof, too.  

What’s not? The instructions were infuriating. I’m a mechanic, and it wasn’t remotely obvious how it went together. You have to make small cuts in each sidepanel. You never notice them afterwards, but it feels wrong.


Quality 4/5

Value 5/5

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Rupert Paul

By Rupert Paul