Product review: Cosmo Connected Helmet Brake Light

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Deputy Editor, Rich Newland, has ridden for the last three months and covered 3100 miles, so his review of the Cosmo Connected Helmet Brake Light is well worth a read.

What’s good?

Bikers are so often hit from behind - especially at junctions - that anything capable of improving our visibility has to be a good thing. This helmet-mounted brake and taillight from Cosmo promises a lot, with a USB rechargeable 900mAh Lithium-Ion battery, fully connected App that allows you to control its functions, map rides, and to even text three chosen contacts, or the emergency services, if it detects a crash. It weighs 145g, and you don’t really notice it in use.

The accelerometers and gyros in the self-contained unit detect braking forces and illuminate the light until the braking force is gone, while you can also choose to have a constantly flashing warning light, or a full-time taillight illuminated. The App is pleasingly simplistic, the build quality is beautiful, the light is bright, and the connected functions are well thought-out. And it works – but not perfectly...

What's Not?

I want to love this product without reserve, but the simple truth is that they haven’t quite got the braking algorithms nailed, yet. They are getting better, though. A recent upgrade saw a tangible improvement in functionality, and I’m sure Cosmo will continue to rapidly improve it.

But, for now there are too many random illuminations when not braking, and not enough consistency when you are braking. In absolute terms, it does work – but it lacks finesse on braking detection, and at this price, you really want it to be perfect

Price: £129.99
Quality: 5/5
Value: 3/5

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Richard Newland

By Richard Newland