Product review: Forte Protectant Products

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Forte products aren't that well known but worth giving a try if you can track them down.

What’s good?

I hadn’t personally heard of Forté before being approached to test these products, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect in terms of quality or usefulness of what’s on offer. The Moto Power fluids are a fuel additive that cleans injectors and carbs and it’s pretty standard stuff and isn’t the kind of stuff you’d notice the effects of right away.They are more for peace of mind when used on my bikes. Both the I and II power products work in a similar way.

The Clear Grease spray works well and delivers a good amount of grease to the required area without over-spraying. Being clear means that it doesn’t make the ball joints and linkages of my bikes look messy either.

The rust penetrant has held the biggest and most welcome surprise and works very well. It’s very effective at getting through rust and I use it to treat areas that are already showing signs of corrosion, or that have already fallen fowl to the elements.

What’s not?

Some of the products are quite tricky to find in shops and items such as the fuel additive are hard to notice the benefits of, without going through the fuel system thoroughly, but peace of mind is hard to put a price on.

Price £6.30 - £9.95
Quality 4/5
Value 3/5

Fancy trying out a complete range of maintenance products.....

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