Product review: Gear Gremlin Heated Grips FHG2

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Two months and 2000 winter miles Adam's keeping his mitts toasty with these aftermarket grips from Gear Gremlin.

What’s good?

These Gear Gremlin heated grips warm up quickly and keep my hands toasty. Some standard fitment heated grips don’t get warm enough but that can’t be said for these. I’ve not had a problem even in sub-zero temperatures. There are two settings, high and low and they are easy to activate, even in bulky winter gloves.

The controller is back-lit too, which makes it simple and easy to make a visual check on. They automatically switch off with the ignition and took me just under two hours to fit with some help from my brother, who’s a mechanic. Some of that time was spent removing the R6’s bodywork though. I’d guess they would take less than an hour to fit on a naked bike.  

What’s not?

The electronic controller is a little basic and isn’t very appealing. 

Price £57.99
Quality 4/5
Value 5/5

What else will keep your fingers from freezing in winter temperatures? 

There's lots of options to keep warm when riding through winter, both our Road Testers like to keep toasty. Adam's keen on his heated grips, while Michael has opted for these Oxford Scotter Muffs on his winter hack. 

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Adam Child

By Adam Child

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