Product review: Brembo Serie Oro Discs

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Do these aftermarket discs improve the stopping power of our Senior Editor, Matt Wildee's, 2000-spec Yamaha R1?

What’s good?

Sitting one notch below the Brembo’s HPK race items, these are in effect replacements for OE discs. However, they offer a significant step forward in performance and quality.

I bought a pair for my 2000-spec Yamaha R1 last year, as I knew of a number of racers who had used them because of their performance and lack of warping. They are approved for road use and typically use a high-carbon steel with a higher co-efficient of friction.

They also have more bobbins supporting the disc, with ten of them, rather than eight to help support the disc and keep it stable. They are also 0.5mm thicker. Together with Bendix MCR pads, they provide a really impressive increase in stopping power and feel.

It works really well on track too, with no fading or warping at all. They also look great. On bikes with radial calipers that don’t have 320mm discs, Brembo also offer an upgrade kit with caliper spacers.

What’s not?

Nothing really, they are more expensive than EBC pattern parts or even OE replacements but they give a level of performance that reflects it.

Price £406.85
Quality 5/5
Value 4/5

What other modifications have been made to Matt's Yamaha R1? 

Matt's also invested in a Nitron shock. It's custom-built in the UK and it's improved the ride quality. 

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Matt Wildee

By Matt Wildee

Former MCN Senior Editor