Product Review: Liqui Moly Motorbike Cleaner

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Our Acting Consumer Editor, Dan Sutherland, has kept his Suzuki GSX250R squeaky clean through by using this cleaner from Liqui Moly. 

What’s good?

This cleaner from Liqui Moly kept my 2017 Suzuki GSX250R long-term test bike squeaky clean for the best part of three months between early September and November last year, before the winter sludge took full hold.

At just shy of £14 a bottle, this is a reasonably priced cleaner, sitting between the SDoc 100 Gel Cleaner (£16.99) and Muc-Off Nano Tech cleaner (£9.99) I would usually apply to my bikes. As someone who really doesn’t enjoy cleaning, I was glad to discover the formula is easy to use and apply – simply lather it on and leave it for between five and 15 minutes, before spraying off.

I like to give it a rub down with a sponge too, to help aggravate any stubborn stains. Once washed off, it leaves a lovely shine and I would happily use it again.  

What’s not?

When applying the cleaner, the nozzle delivers quite a concentrated splodge, meaning you have to apply more per wash than some alternatives on the market. Although it didn’t affect me, this cleaner also cannot be used on magnesium wheels.

Price £13.99
Quality 4/5
Value 4/5

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Dan Sutherland

By Dan Sutherland

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