Product review: ProGuard Mould Your Own Earplugs

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A pair of custom fit earplugs can set you back a couple of hundred quid, not the case with these ProGuard 'Mould Your Own' set. Chief Road Tester, Michael Neeves, puts them to the test.

What’s good?

Custom fit earplugs can cost hundreds of pounds, but for the price of a handful of disposable foam plugs, you can have these ProGuard ‘Mould Your Own’ alternatives in blue, red or beige.

They’re easy to make – just mix the two small Play-Doh-like pieces of silicone provided into a ball and carefully ply them into your ears. Leave them in for 10 minutes until they set, trying not to move or yawn along the way and you’ve got your very own unique, ear-shaped plug.

They end up a kind of soft, rubbery consistency and cut sound by around 24dB, which makes them useful for times when you don’t want total noise block-out, like around town or listening to helmet speakers. If you struggle with earache from foam plugs these could be the answer. 

What’s not?

Everyone’s ear canals are a different shape and I still find foam plugs a more effective barrier to the brain-rattling racket of high-speed windblast and full-throttle engine raw. You also can’t wedge these custom earplugs in the vents and crevices of your crash helmet when you’re not using them, as you would foam plugs, but a carrying case is supplied. 

Price £15.55
Quality 4/5
Value 4/5

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Michael Neeves

By Michael Neeves

MCN Chief Road Tester, club racer, airmiles millionaire.