Product Review: Tucano Urbano Termoscud Pro leg cover

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It's been a warm and toasty winter ride for Chief Road Tester, Michael, he's ridden 1,500 miles in the last four months and loves his scooter blanket, here's why.


What’s good?

Tucano Urbano reckon their Termoscud Pro leg cover will keep you warm and dry whatever the weather and they’re right. Since fitting this ‘scooter blanket’ to my Yamaha TMAX DX, I’ve been able to wear summer riding attire, even when there’s snow on the side of the road, so no more turning up at work dressed as the Michelin Man!

Not only is it weatherproof, the canvass-like construction, with taped seams and quilted inner, is reassuringly heavy and durable, so you get a sense it will go on for more winters than me. It’s a fitted, bike-specific system (there’s a full range for scooters and adventure bikes available), so it’s neat, straightforward to install and the inflatable side panels stop the sides flapping around at high speed.

I’ve been using the Termoscud in its full leg-covering winter configuration, which includes a seat cover, but it unzips into a much smaller, more elegant summer version with a retractable rain cover for when the heavens open.

What’s not?

It’s not cheap and it’s tricky to get on the bike with the cover fitted. I almost have to slide ‘in’ to it like a car, but once aboard you’re snugly cocooned in a warm blanket of luxury.

Price £169.99
Quality 5/5
Value 4/5

Michael's a scooter fan and loves a warm accessory.....

Our Chief Road Tester,  Michael Neeves, loves his scoot for his winter commute, he's also tested Oxford Scooter Muffs.

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Michael Neeves

By Michael Neeves

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