Product review: Oxford AquaD X3 Packing Cubes

I tested these Oxford AquaD X3 Packing Cubes over two months, covering 2000 miles.

Here's how I got on...

What’s good?

I’d not realised how cumbersome my topbox would be to carry once off the bike. Being able to pack my gear in these bags and lift them from the topbox on arrival at my destination, leaving the box on the bike, makes life much easier. These colourful bags come in three handy sizes (five, seven and 12 litres) and they’re unstructured, which makes them easy to pack and very squashable. They’d also be great to use in soft panniers or a tank/tailpack. They have a roll top and clip closure, which, provided its closed properly, keeps them waterproof.

What's not good?

The plug on my phone charger has worn small holes in one of the bags so it’s no longer waterproof.