Product review: WD-40 Specialist Motorcycle Set

I've been using WD-40’s Specialist Motorcycle product set for about four months now. Here’s how I've been getting on with it.

What’s good?

The WD-40 range is designed to cover all elements of cleaning and bike care. You can buy them individually but I tested the full set consisting of: Total Wash, Brake Cleaner, Chain Cleaner, Chain Lube, Chain Wax, Wax & Polish and Silicone Shine. Most did what they said on the tin but the stand out items were the Total Wash (£4.99) and Chain Lube (£6.49). I share a workshop with friends and it didn’t take long for everyone to work out the effectiveness of both of those items and empty them on my behalf.  

What’s not?

There were a couple of items that weren’t as good as the others. The straw on the WD-40 broke and I found the Chain Wax left an uneven coating, which is disappointing as it’s the most expensive item in the kit at £10.49.

Price £57
Quality 4/5
Value 4/5

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