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7 best cleaning products for your bike

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There are some people out there who really enjoy cleaning their bikes, for everybody else, here are 7 of the best cleaning products to make the job as quick and painless as possible, as rated by MCN Shop customers.

SDoc100 Motorcycle Gel cleaner, £13.98

We can't bring ourselves to take this one off the list. Designed to clean every inch of your motorcycle, this gel cleaner contains a corrosion inhibitor and is designed to protect sensitive areas (stop sniggering at the back). The gel formula helps it stick to the bike instead of running off before you get chance to scrub.

Autoglym Active Insect Remover 500ml, £7.49

This one's impressed us recently for getting those pesky bug splats off your pride and joy. Spray it on and let it soak in before your normal wash and then use it again at the end to get the most stubborn clingers-on. 

ACF-50 Anti Corrosion Lubricant 32oz Spray £26.80

It probably seems like the wrong time of year for anti-corrosion kit, but leave this stuff on over the winter and you'll have a lovely shine in the summer.

Muc-Off Nano-Tech Bike Cleaner, £8.00

Another one from the list we just couldn't remove. This stuff is brilliant. Muc-Off claener uses nano technology, which which also cares for your motorcycle and doesn't damage delicate surfaces. It's also safe to use on carbon fibre and suspension seals.

Sdoc100 Chain Cleaner Power Gel 300ml, £13.00

Cleaning your chain can be one of the worst jobs to do. Scrubbing away through the dirt and grime that's got mixed up in your lubricant is a thankless and messy task. Fortunately SDoc100 has got you covered. Just spray this stuff on, leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse off to reveal a clean chain. It really is that simple.  

WMB Pride motorbike wash, £8.49

Bit of a new kid on the block from We Move Bikes (WMB). They're actually a logistics firm who specialises in moving motorbikes. They've diversified into bike cleaning products and they're actually very good. 

OptiGlanz stainless steel cleaner, £19.12

This stuff is magical. It's not the cheapest but it takes some of the work out of getting your pipes shining. You'll still need plenty of elbow grease, but the results are amazing.