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Top 5 winter gloves all under £160

MCN Shop

Winter is just around the corner. The first piles of brown leaves are appearing and there’s a chill in the air on those early morning starts and evening rides. Aside from being uncomfortable or painful, cold hands also take your mind off the job of riding your motorbike.

Those trendy, short-cuff gloves you’ve been wearing all summer aren’t going to cut it much longer, so here’s five of the best winter riding gloves available now at the MCN Shop.

Richa Carbon - around £37.99

These are the top rated winter gloves on the MCN Shop by our users and they're under £40! They're wateproof, reinforced with Kevlar and come complete with a Thinsulate liner to keep the worst of the cold out There's also a suede visor wipe to keep your visor clear of winter grime. 

Spada Blizzard 2 - around £34.99

Incredibly, much like the Richa gloves above, these are less than £40 and come with a 100% waterproof membrane and Thinsulate thermal lining. There's also a visor wipe and Scotchlite piping for extra visibilty.

Gerbing 12V XR-12 - around £158

These are the only heated gloves to make it onto the list and they can be connected direct to the bike or Gerbing's B12V-1400 battery, which can be stored in the cuff. They feature a water and windproof Hipora lining as well as a Thinsulate thermal lining.

RST Rallye mixed CE gloves - around £39.49

RST Rallye mixed CE gloves

These RST gloves were inspired by the company’s partnership with the Mick Extance riding school. They’re CE-approved thanks to carbon Kevlar knuckle protection and a microfibre and goat skin outer.

A Sinaqua membrane keeps the water out, while a quilted thermal liner is in charge of keeping your digits warm. There are also 3M Scotchlite accents to keep you visible on those dark mornings and evenings.

Spada Enforcer - around £69.99

These gloves are recommended by our sister magazine RiDE and feature carbon knuckle protection, keprotec inserts on the palms and a fully waterproof and breathable Hipora membrane. These gloves are reassuringly thick, but an articulated thumb aids movement as does the knuckle armour sitting on its own panel. There's a visor wipe on the left thumb, too.

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